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With Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment Magazine

Maybe you’ve experienced the rush of running hot through the city to get on scene.

Maybe you love the flowing lines, sparkling chrome, and artistic beauty vintage rigs offer.

Maybe you’re a collector of models or equipment.

Maybe you love going to musters.

Maybe you enjoy the people.

Maybe you celebrate the history.

Whatever ignites your passion, know that you are covered with Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment Magazine.

Bill Killen

“As soon as I received my first issues of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment Magazine, I was surprised at how different and diverse the subject matter was. Having owned vintage fire trucks and cars and after having subscribed to several magazines related to antique vehicles, VFT&E is the best publication available for readers interested in the history of fire apparatus and equipment.”

Bill Killen

Director, United States Navy Fire & Emergency Services (Ret.) President/CEO, International Association of Fire Chiefs 2005-2006


From the President

As a charter subscriber to Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment in 2015, I immediately fell in love with having a premium quality magazine delivered to my door which reflected the apparatus, equipment, and people of our hobby in such a captivating and thorough manner. Since taking over the magazine, we pride ourselves on a devoted commitment to provide our readers the most visually mesmerizing and inspiring features on the history of fire apparatus, equipment, service, and the those who both were either on the job or custodians of preserving our past.

We hope you enjoy this complimentary copy of our premiere issue of Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment and that you will get on board to celebrate the rigs and equipment that paved the way, those who came before and the great people that so passionately carry our hobby forward. With thousands of subscribers in over a dozen countries around the world, we are the enthusiast’s choice for any firefighter, fire buff or any lover of antique vehicles from a cherished, yet bygone era. Subscribe today at or call 833-727-FIRE and provide promo code NewSubscriber to also receive our collector’s edition celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the hit TV show EMERGENCY! ($19.95 value)

Brent DeNure
Subscriber turned Owner

Vintage Fire Truck Digital:

Our digital offering provides you immediate access to the vivid photography and captivating content offered by Vintage Fire Truck & Equipment Magazine. At only $24.95 (USD) for six (6) issues, digital subscribers receive the latest release several weeks before print copies land.

A digital subscription is the perfect choice for someone on the go, or someone who likes to glance through more than fifty pages of captivating content while having some relaxing downtime. Access is available to any browser-equipped internet device.

Vintage Fire Truck Print:

Offered to the serious enthusiast, our print editions are premium quality, full color, high gloss collector’s items. Vintage Fire Truck print runs are very limited and not available in stores. At $47.95 (USD for delivery in North America) for six (6) issues, subscribers get the sensory experience of opening a magazine which reveals more than fifty pages of the most vivid and detailed photography and stories our hobby has to offer.

A print subscription is the ideal choice for the passionate hobbyist who wants the highest standard of finish, is drawn in by the mesmerizing photography, and who values tangible items in their collection.


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