About VMI

Vintage Media Incorporated is committed to providing the highest standard of content, photography, and quality to our niche communities with our Vintage Fire Truck, Vintage Motor Coach, and Vintage Tendy Magazines. Whether working with the biggest names in each hobby or the every-day enthusiast, we take great pride in both sharing the passion and preserving the amazing history covered by each of our titles.

Far More Than a Publishing House

In addition to providing magazines to thousands of subscribers in over a dozen countries, we also facilitate the use of vintage fire trucks, buses, and pedestrian vehicles by movie and entertainment production companies such as NETFLIX, Apple TV, and Paramount+. Studios looking to source vehicles or owners looking to make theirs available for move work can contact us via email at info@vintagemediainc.com.

Special Event Participation & Organization

Vintage Media is built with a commitment to being part of the fabric of each community we serve. Those organizing special events related to our content offering are encouraged to invite us to attend. If our schedule allows, we would love to discuss being on site to cover the action and attain content, while providing reach to new and existing subscribers. If your city, region, or business is looking for experienced event planning related to any of our areas of expertise, feel free to reach out to learn more about the site and sponsorship requirements involved to have Vintage Media coordinate the effort.

All event inquiries can be emailed to events@vintagemediainc.com.

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